This is what can happen when one makes a small error on a cold track with cold tires.  A car checked up in front of me and I made the wrong initial decision - it didn't matter what I decided about a millisecond later.  The car spun twice before hitting the concrete wall on the inside of the Atlanta front straight.  No one to blame but myself.

Thanks to Lynn Sweatte (the buyer of my old car), who let me drive her car for the weekend.  The old Wage ran great and finished a CLOSE 2nd in the first race, but suffered a broken rear hub in the 2nd race and did not finish.

Bullet is going to the frame shop tomorrow to see how much we can salvage.  Right now (3/19/13), it looks as though the driver/engine compartments suffered little damage - obviously significant damage at the extremes.



This pic shows the firewall headrest impact from my helmet.  The rest of the pix are pretty obvious.